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Bye bye

I have decided to cancel my account on Live Journal.  It just isn't something I want to do at this time.  Bye bye

Snow in February - got to love it

I completely love how nuts everyone gets with the snow in the Seattle area.  I have not yet tried driving on it and I plan to do so a little later.  Hopefully, most of the slippery stuff will have gone by the time I hit the road.

I am on Vashon Is. and we did not have very much snow.  I am taking my dogs to get groomed and the sad thing is that I expect them to be without very much fur/hair afterwards.  Brrrr

They will probably not want to be out side so much.

It is pretty.


Feeling a little stuck in the mud

I am having a hard time making myself get started on my day.  No appointments today so I could just sit and do nothing.  But I want to remember that each day is a gift; it is important to unwrap my gifts with enthusiasm. 

I am going to finish this journal entry; get dressed for going to the gym; make my bed!  And then, I am going to read 5 chapters in Creating Affluence and then meditate on those good ideas.

Now, of course, I am resisting finishing the journal entry.  This is definitely funny.  So, I'll laugh and get on with it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am not in very good humor this morning and I need to do a quick attitude adjustment.  I will feel better after I walk my mile with Gale.  I will feel better after I get my bed made.  I will feel better after I get the garbage cans out to the curb.  And I will feel better after I get the dishes washed.

Gale and I also made a commitment to do our homework together and that is a good idea.

We shall see.

Getting a good habit down pat

OK, I am back after being gone for about a week.  I don't know how that screwed me up but it did.  I have not been making my bed or doing the dishes; I am beginning to feel very lazy and a bit depressed.  I am trying today to be very nice to myself, and get the house cleaned up a bit.  I need to re-dedicate myself to the simple steps which keep good habits in order.  Here's hoping.....

New Year's Day

I am going to try to be much more faithful in writing in my journal.  I confess I am a bit hesitant to tell the truth here as I am opening up to who know who?

OK, enough for now.

I don't know

I really don't want to write in here for some reason but it has been a while so I thought I'd just stop by for a minute.  I am tired.  Shampooed my rug today! Horray.  Also, drove in to town to make a bank deposit...just like in the good ole days.  We would get our pay check in an envelope and then we'd rush to the bank after work to deposit it because we had kited so many check.  Living from pay check to pay check.  You paid for things by check, cash, or you might have a "charge account" at the specific store, i.e. Sears.  No catalogs in the mail.  Pick up a Sear catalog.  No ordering over the phone even.  Obviously no internet.  Ah, simpler.  But more difficult.  My first house payments were about $125/mo and I was very worried I could not always make them.

I am going to bed now.

Be less judgmental and critical

Clearly, I am less fun to be with when I am being judgmental and critical.  Although, I think it does depend upon who I am with.  So, I could try to moderate my behavior depending on which friend I am with at the time.  Or I could just stay home when I am feeling pissy.

Busy day today.  Went to church and provided the snacks when I was supposed to provide the snacks for the first Sunday in January, not December.  We had lots of food.  I enjoyed the service, tho.  It was fun.  Then I came home and prepared a packet of information for the Sunday gleaners and loaded the car up with the frozen bread.  Went up to the gleaners and ended up in a big long conversation with Betty about her voting during the budget meeting.  Went to Gale's a little late.  Made four more Christmas cards and some gift cards.  Ate more food.  Ran home and ate more food and put off dealing with no knowing what to wear tonight.  Boo.

I need to 1. go feed the dogs; 2. decide what I am wearing tonight; and 3. get ready to leave in about an hour.  Concert will be fun even if I don't feel like doing this.

I seldom feel like doing these concerts any more. 

But then I would not see Alice and that would be a bummer.

ok, I'm off....

Logan's 3rd birthday

I truly enjoyed going up to Jim and Schelie's tonite; pizza, Logan's third birthday party - he blushed when we brought out the birthday cup cakes and sang happy birthday to him -  and I got to watch my baby girl Jocelyn toddling all around the house, busy, busy, busy learning all about everything.  She is very active, curious, sweet, and fun to watch.

I enjoy both Schelie and Jim also. 

I am very grateful they are a part of my life.

Thanks to the Universe for filling my life with sweetness.

Flood in the Hole

ohmigoodness, I get home at abou 5:30 pm and hear Niagra Falls happening in the crawl space below my "trailer".  I like to call it a Manufactured Home, but I guess it really is a double wide trailer.  Huge water pouring out of a pipe right under my house!

I call my friend for help; and I go looking for the business card of the landscaping sprinkler system guy who disconnected my sprinkler system and capped off the water line.  It was his cap that was off....

My friend arrives and shuts the water off and starts looking around.  He figures out that the guy's plastic cap had split in two and flew off.  By now I have the landscaper guy on the phone and the two of them talk.  Luckily, my friend is a true old fashioned Jack of All Trades and has a steel or iron cap at his house!  He goes home, gets the cap, and fixes the problem.  Turns the heat back on.  Bingo!  Problem all solved.

I am so glad I do not freak out when things like this go wrong.  I am so glad I know how to seek out and make friends with people in the neighborhood.  It is always a good thing to know who the "go to" people are and where they live and what their phone numbers are.  Whew.

Even better, gave me an excuse to miss a Board meeting.  I was not looking forward to it.  Whew, double whew.  Sitting home now watching TV and and writing in my journal.  Yea.  Life is good.